Personal de Atención Domiciliaria Rocío Torroja

In home caregiving for dependents an intense relationship is established between the caregiver and the user. They are usually people in a situation of vulnerability and for this reason it is fundamental that both the dependent and his family feel that they can trust the staff in charge of the care. At Rocío Torroja Home Caregiving we are very aware of this and pay close attention to the selection, training and follow-up of our staff, since they are the fundamental support of the service. Not only do we demand vocation and professionalism, but also satisfy with our ethical code:

  • Respect for the dignity of the user, without forgetting at any time their value as a person, whatever their situation and circumstances.
  • Promote as much as possible their autonomy and independence to take decisions about their own lives.
  • Respect for their privacy.
  • Maximum discretion in the development of work, avoiding personal comments and maintaining an impartial attitude, without making judgments.
  • Do not comment on other users for whom you are responsible.
  • Do not vary the order of the objects of the house without consulting.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses for the user's family economy.
  • Offer a close and trusting attitude, with empathy, but without disrespect or paternalism.
  • Guarantee the safety of both the user and his family, as well as the worker himself, properly using latex gloves, sterile material, disinfectant gel ...
  • Use and implement all the techniques and procedures necessary for the development of quality work.
  • Complete the most relevant actions and aspects in a record notebook to clearly reflect the evolution of the user.
  • Absolute observance of professional secret, taking care of the confidentiality of all personal and medical information, even after the professional relationship ends.
  • Do not accept tips, gifts, or favours from users.
  • Avoid contact with the user outside working hours and not provide personal contact means.
  • Use the company's uniform and be neat and careful about hygiene and personal appearance.
  • Permanently maintain an attitude of desire to improve knowledge and training, constantly seeking to improve the procedures and techniques used.
  • Punctuality in the arrival. Do not smoke or eat at the user's home.